Dr. Renato Isufi, Albania

International SGS Dental Congress 2023, Dubai UAE

About Dr. Renato Isufi


University of Dental Medicine Tirana, 2013
Gratuated in Dentistry

University of Medicine Tirana,Department of Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery, 2015-Present
Resident in Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery

University of Medicine Kosovo,Department of Maxilofacial Surgery, January 2015
Practical Training in Maxilofacial Surgery with:
Prof. Roberto Brusati (Italy)

University of Medicine Tirana,Department of Neurosurgery, February-May 2015
Practical Training in Microvascular Surgery with:
Prof. Jack McCann (Ireland),
Prof. Mentor Petrela (Albania)

Unit of Cranio-Maxilofacial Surgery, St.Anna Hospital and University – Ferrara, Italy, October-December 2015
Practical Training in Cranio-Maxilofacial Surgery with:
Prof. Luigi Clauser (Italy),
Prof. Manlio Galie (Italy)

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Department of Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery – Dresden, Germany, February-May 2016
Practical Training in :Traumatology Surgery and Osteosynthesis, Implantology, Orthognatic Surgery, Tumor Surgery and Reconstruction, Plastic-Esthetic Treatment, Cleft Lip and Palate with:
Prof. Guenther Lauer (Germany),
Prof. Uwe Eckelt (Germany)


Winner of Helen Matras Scholarship 2016

Actively Participated at the Surgical Operation of a Child with Tessier Cleft No.5,Performed by:
Dr. Henry Kawamoto,
Prof. Luigi Clauser

Actively Participated at the International Consultation with:
Dr. Henry Kawamoto,
Dr. Antony S.Wolf

Coordinator of EACMFS Conference Reconstructive Surgery of Bone and Soft Tissue in OMF Region

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