Dr. Antonio Cupo & Dr. Guglielmo Iadanza, Italy

International SGS Dental Congress 2023, Dubai UAE

About Dr. Antonio Cupo

Freelance dentist and implantologist surgeon.
Graduated DENTAL TECHNICIAN in 1984, he was the owner of a dental laboratory from 1988 to 2002.
In 2007 he graduated in DENTISTRY AND DENTAL PROSTHESIS at the “MAGNA GRAECIA” University of Catanzaro with 110 cum laude. At the same university, he participated, both as an internal student and then as a doctor, in the medical-scientific activity of the Maxillofacial Surgery department directed by Prof. M. Giudice in the years from 2003 to 2008.
In 2011/2012 he obtained the II level master’s degree in “LA MALATTIA PARADONTALE: ASPETTI MEDICI, ODONTOIATRICI E CHIRURGICI ” at the University of Rome “LA SAPIENZA”.
He attended national and international courses on oral surgery and mucogingival surgery. His interest in these subjects is demonstrated by the numerous courses he attended with professors Zucchelli and Chiapasco.

He was also:
• Speaker at the Medical-Scientific conference on PODISMO: BENEFICI E RISCHI held in Lagonegro on 11st July 2009
• Speaker of the theoretical and practical course of ORAL SURGERY AND IMPLANTOLOGY ON PATIENTS held in Fortaleza from 7th to 14th October 2011
• Speaker for Bio-implant in Bucharest from 14th to 16th April 2011
• Speaker for Maco International in the course Immediate loading: myth or reality held in Santiago de Cali and Barranquilla (COLUMBIA)
• Opinion leader of the SGS Dental implant system
• Speaker for Esperia Implantology SGS
• Co-speaker at the Implant event in Contursi Terme in July 2022
• Co-teacher with Dr. Giampiero Ciabattoni in the practical course of digital implantology in July 2022
• Speaker at the Odontomediterraneo International Congress held in Pompeii on 25th November 2022
• Lecturer of the practical course of implantology and advanced surgery at the Jòrio Da Escòssia clinic in Fortaleza (Brazil) in June 2023
• Author of scientific papers:
– Complete rehabilitation with upper total prosthesis and lower full-arch on four implants
– Total upper arch rehabilitation with slim narrow implants
– Lower full-arch on six implants with bone remodelling of the crest.

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About Dr. Guglielmo Iadanza

Freelance dentist.
He obtained the Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the University of Siena in November 2003 and the II level University Master’s Degree in Endodontics at the University of Siena in September 2004.
He volunteered at the Department of Odontostomatology at North Kinangop Catholic Hospital in Nairobi (Kenya) in March 2006.
He attended:
– The Implant surgery course at Intralock System in September 2006
– The operative course of implantology with clinical activity on the patient at the Jorio da Escossia Clinic in Fortaleza (Brazil) in May 2010
– The Digital Photography Course in Dentistry with Carlo Piacquadio in June 2012 in Rome
– The Advanced surgical dental implant procedures course at Tel Aviv University in November 2012
– The intravenous sedation course with Prof. Giovanni Manani in February 2012 in Padua
– The Dental Management course with Dr. Tiziano Caprara in December 2012 in Fiumana-Predappio (FC)
– The course of Aesthetic periodontal surgery: from gingival recessions to bone defects with Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli from September 2012 to June 2013 in Fiumana-Predappio (FC)
– The Digital Smile Design Course with Dr. Christian Coachman in Naples in October 2013
– The Conscious Sedation Course with Nitrous Oxide at Tecno-Gaz in November 2013
– The B.O.P.T. course A new approach in fixed prosthetics with Dr. Ignazio Loi in Lecce in February 2014
– The Master in Direct Prosthetic Cad Cam Restoration at Sirona Dental System in Verona in September 2014
– the Bls-d first aid course in Salerno in May 2015
He obtained the qualification for the use of the Cerec Cad-Cam system in prosthetics at Sirona Dental System in January 2010 and the Certificate of qualification for the invisalign technique at Align Technology-Invisalign in January 2012.
He was speaker of the theoretical-practical photo-dentistry course, organized by AIDI Campania, entitled Look Different – Communicate through photography held at his studio in Campagna (SA) in December 2016.
He was a speaker at the IV Maco International Seminar in Contursi Terme (SA) in July 2018.
He was the winner of the first prize of the Dental Photographic Contest, promoted by AIOP, at the Palazzo della cultura e dei congressi in Bologna in November 2018.
He regularly holds guided implantology courses and he is the coordinator for Italy of the Esperia SGS Guide system, as well as tutor and speaker for the same system.

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