Dr. Monir Al-Shakaki, UAE

International SGS Dental Congress 2023, Dubai UAE

About Dr. Monir Al-Shakaki


October 2021–present
Dentist specialist oral surgeon and implantologist • Oral implantology
medical center

August 2013–October 2021
Dentist specialist oral surgeon and implantologist • Almariffa medical

June 2011
Clinical attachment • University of Glasgow

November 2007–October 2011
Assistant oral & Maxillofacial surgery • Prof. Maha Shawky

Performing all dental treatments work from filling, RCT, restoration
and cosmetic veneers. Moreover, as specialist surgeon performing
surgical extraction of impacted teeth, apicoectomy, odontogenic cysts,
dental infection management, placing dental implants, bone
augmentation and soft tissue management.


DHA license, as specialist oral surgery with implantology
MOH license, as specialist oral surgery
Fellowship in Implantology Congress of Oral Implantologist (ICOI)
Training in Glasgow Dental School & The Southern General Hospital. Glasgow UK
Master of Science (M.Sc), Oral & Maxillofacial surgery
Grant license for dental practice, Syrian Health Ministry
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S), 6 October university

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